The Most Hilarious Jason Momoa Memes to Brighten Your Day

Jason Momoa achieved fame as a star of the television series ‘Baywatch Hawaii’ and ‘Stargate Atlantis.’ His role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones further boosted his popularity and brought him attention from mainstream audiences and producers alike. He began his career as a model before becoming an actor. Fashion designer Takeo discovered him and encouraged him to pursue a modeling career. His good looks and attractive physique soon secured him the title of Hawaii’s Model of the Year and led to the peak of his modeling career. Momoa, the only child of artists, was destined for a life of creativity. He has worked as a model, lifeguard, painter, writer, director, and actor and studied Marine Biology after high school. Jason is more than a Hollywood clone because he is well-traveled and has a diverse background (his father is Hawaiian, and his mother is German, Irish, and Native American).

Jason Momoa’s movie Aquaman made him one of the hottest guys on the planet, and his fun, cool-guy persona in real life made him just as famous.

Written by Scarlet Flynn

I am a photographer, retoucher, writer and mother of a beautiful daughter. I also colourize old photographs to bring them to life.

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