The Best High School Memes That Every Student Can Relate To

High school can be stressful – exams, essays, social drama, and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. But thankfully, there’s one thing that can always make things a little bit easier – high school memes. These hilarious memes capture the funny, relatable moments that come with being a high school student. High school memes cover everything from dealing with difficult teachers to navigating the complex social hierarchy. They’re for anyone who has ever been through high school. Parents, teachers, and anyone who has ever attended high school can appreciate the humor and nostalgia that comes with these memes.

So if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed with high school, take a break and scroll through some high school memes. They may not solve all your problems, but they will undoubtedly make you laugh and remind you that you’re not alone in the struggle of adolescence.

#11 When you’re just waiting for your exams to be over

#14 Let’s laugh over the little things, like spilled milk

#18 Navigating the world of online classes for the first time

#19 Feeling your child’s pain when it comes to homework

#21 Algebra will always be algebra, no matter how you look at it

#22 Sometimes, things really are easy (or so we hope)

#23 When you’re left wondering, “What just happened?”

#77 When panic comes…watch out! Be prepared for a panic attack!

#80 Every student’s feels. Relatable to all students.

#84 Yep, and hurting that back at the same time! Painful and inconvenient.

#89 Hermione didn’t like that. Not up to par with Hermione’s standards.

#94 I’m a great mathematician. Confident in mathematical abilities.

#108 Nailed it! Successfully completed with confidence.

#111 You can’t help but start feeling yourself. Feeling confident and accomplished.

#112 Best feeling ever. The ultimate feeling of satisfaction.

#114 Okay, fine. I guess there’s no choice but to go back. Reluctantly returning.

#115 Waking up for school like… Struggling to wake up for school.

#119 Is there such a thing as a back-to-school learning curve? Difficult adjustment period.

#120 Can’t we stay in vacation mode forever? Longing for extended vacation.

#121 Sorry, I fell asleep in the middle of homework… Unintentionally falling asleep while doing homework.

#122 Already counting down the days. Eagerly anticipating the end.

#123 Mom’s summer is just beginning. Looking forward to a relaxing summer.

#124 When that summer brain drain hits you hard the first week. Struggling to adjust back to academic mode.

#125 Once someone starts sneezing it’s all downhill from there. Things only get worse from there.

#126 You’ll get the hang of it! Encouragement to improve.

#127 Just take them back please. Return unwanted items.

#128 An accurate representation of how it goes. A truthful depiction.

#130 Almost forgot about the exams! Forgetting about upcoming exams.

#131 Next week we get to do it all over again! Repetitive cycle.

#133 They did their best! Appreciation for effort put in.

#134 Nobody wants to go back. Dislike for returning to a previous state.

#135 Don’t make me go back! Resistance to returning.

#138 On the bright side, time to wear all those new clothes.

#140 Parents and commuters can relate. Time to add another 20 minutes to the early morning commute!

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