Hilarious Science Memes that will make you Laugh and Smart at the Same Time

Science has been around us since the beginning of civilization. In the 17th century, science reached its peak when Sir Isaac Newton unraveled the laws of motion, launching modern physics. In his blood circulation study, Harvey, an Englishman like Newton, established modern biology. Furthermore, Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens contributed to the fields of optics and mechanics. He also invented the pendulum clock.

Innovation and technology reshaped the world over the next few centuries. The steam engine was the driving force behind the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s, while the cotton gin contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War. Trains and automobiles were made possible by locomotives and internal combustion engines, revolutionizing both the economy and society as a whole. Several decades later, air travel would have the same impact. In addition, telegraphs, telephones, radios, televisions, and motion pictures changed the way people conducted business and passed their leisure time.

The 20th century brought further breakthroughs in science: Albert Einstein with his theories of relativity; Max Planck with his study of quantum theory; and Werner Heisenberg with quantum mechanics. A significant breakthrough in the life sciences was the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick. Further, scientific research helped eradicate scourges such as smallpox and polio.

We all love science, and our lives entirely revolve around it. Whether studying physics, biology, chemistry, or even psychology, learning more about the world is always fun. And you don’t have to have a degree to enjoy science! Thus, the curiosity inherent in human beings to learn through the scientific method has also enabled them to develop their sense of humor. This has led to many science jokes, and it is no wonder that they have become memes. Here are some hilarious science memes that will make you laugh.

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