Rediscover Romance Through Timeless Tales of Couples and Their Then and Now Moments

Have you ever wondered how time touches relationships? Relationships, much like wine, can grow richer with time. Delving into the world of ‘Then & Now’ couple photos, we discover stories that span decades, and moments frozen in time that are beautifully juxtaposed against the present.

Imagine a couple, two decades ago, standing under the same tree where he proposed. His hair was darker, her dress, very ’90s. Fast forward to today, and they’re at the same spot, with the same infectious smiles. Maybe he’s balding a little, and she’s got a few more laugh lines. But the tree? It’s grown taller and sturdier, much like their love. Such photos are a testament to time, change, and the beauty of enduring love.

These snapshots offer a compelling glance into relationships and how they evolve. They’re like a mirror reflecting the journey of love over the years. Just like a book has different chapters, these photos capture the various stages of their love story, emphasizing the endurance and evolution of romance.

Feeling inspired by these tales of timeless love? Share this post with someone whose love story you admire. Or better yet, recreate your special moments and join the ‘Then & Now’ journey, celebrating the beauty of enduring love.

#1 Holocaust survivor and the soldier who rescued her spent more than 70 years together.

#2 The couple from the Woodstock album cover is still together 46 years later.

#3 One of my best friends married the girl of his dreams on Saturday – they met when they were 3.

#4 This couple recreated their wedding day after 70 years.

#7 Lesbian couple which has been together since the 1970s is planning to finally get married on their 44th anniversary.

#8 My wife and I during a dance in sixth grade and then on our wedding day.

#9 My wife might be a vampire. Left: Junior prom; Right: Almost 20 years later, wearing the exact same dress.

#11 This couple passed away holding hands after 69 years of marriage.

#14 Congratulations to my grandparents on their 77th wedding anniversary.

#15 Celebrating the 40th anniversary by recreating their wedding pics from 1975.

#17 Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher would have celebrated their 87th year of marriage on May 13, 2011, but Mr. Fisher passed away on February 27, 2011, at the age of 105. In 2008, they were recognized as the oldest living couple.

#20 Aubrey and Mike were born only 11 days apart in 1989. They started dating in 2012 and got married in July 2015.

#22 Flower girl and ring bearer (in 1995) get married 20 years later.

#23 My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day, and one of the last pictures of them together before she died.

#24 40 years later – and that’s my original high-school jeans jacket.

#27 Katie met Joseph at primary school. Now they are married and have a son.

#28 My grandparents met in 1952 at my grandma’s 14th birthday party. They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in June 2018.

#29 Here’s my parents celebrating in 1983 and in 2013. I love them.

#30 1990 to 2017. Married 26 years now and still rockin’!

#33 Ten years ago I told my goofy classmate I fancied him. I was fifteen. Fast forward to 2017 and here we are, married, happy, and as goofy as ever.

#34 My parents at their wedding in 1982 and at my sister’s wedding last June.

#36 My grandparents: 50 years apart, still absolutely smitten with each other.

#37 Married within a month of meeting, mom went blind 10 years in. Happy 30th to my parents!

#38 My grandparents just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

#39 My nana and papaw, in 1951 when they eloped, and today, 62 years later. Still beautifully and irrevocably in love.

#40 Here we are, almost 44 years after our wedding. To my amazement, the wedding dress still fits. 1971 and 2015.

#41 From carnival bride and groom in the Gillingham Carnival in 1926 to 70 years of marriage.

#42 My grandfather passed today, shortly after celebrating his 70th wedding anniversary. They are the strongest couple I have ever known.

#43 Frank and Anita Milford in 2008, on their 80th anniversary.

#46 My grandfather died just 5 short months after my grandmother. They had been together for 50 years. His friend set them up on a blind date back in high school and the rest was history. Here’s pictures of them throughout their many years of unconditional love together.

#47 My grandparents traveled the world with Volkswagen Beetle in 1961. They did it again 35 years later, with the same Beetle, and wrote a book about it. They inspire me.

#48 My grandparent’s 70th anniversary wedding day photo, and today.

#49 40-year vintage – like fine wine and love, some things only get better with time.

#51 I struggle to maintain a relationship for 66 days, but here are my grandparents 66 years apart to the day. Happy anniversary Granny and Grandpa.

#52 My husband and I. Kindergarten class picture to much improved attire.

#53 We re-created my grandparents’ wedding photo on their 60th anniversary.

#54 Married 8 months after meeting, still married 40 years today.

#55 Childhood sweethearts Thomas and Irene Howard have been been married for 70 years.

#56 My grandmother wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary with my grandfather. They are a testament to true love and commitment.

#57 This couple celebrated their oak anniversary – 80 years in marriage.

#58 After spending 74 years together, Leonard and Hazel Cherry passed away within hours of each other.

#59 Both 81 and widowed, my friends grandmother just married her prom date after starting to speak again 64 years later.

#60 I convinced my parents to reenact their wedding photo 45 years later, including the same dress.

#61 My parents recreate picture 32 years later. Still in love.

#62 My grandparents on their wedding day and 60th anniversary.

#63 This couple was married for 72 years and died holding hands.

#66 Happy 65th wedding anniversary to my grandparents.

#67 Today my parents are celebrating 52 years of marriage, 4 homes, 3 kids, 5 grandchildren, and a ton of fabulous family memories together.

#68 I was taking a photo of my boyfriend’s grandparents’ wedding photo because I thought it was awesome, and accidentally caught the reflection of his grandmother admiring it, 50 years later. I love this photo.

#69 From honeymoon to 4 children and 6 grandchildren – it’s been a wonderful first 39 years!

#71 My grandparents on their wedding day and on their 60th anniversary.

#72 My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

#73 My grandparents were both traveling for National Geographic. This is their wedding picture from the 40s and a picture that was taken in November 2005. This visit was the last time I saw my grandfather alive. They were together for so many years.

#74 My parents, then and now. They were high school sweethearts and have been married over 50 years.

#76 Helen and Kenneth Felumlee had been together for 70 years and died hours apart.

#77 1992 on our wedding day and 25th wedding anniversary.

#79 Drunk me, 10 years ago: “It’s my birthday and I think you’re really cute so you have to take a picture with me.” Worked out well!

#80 My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

#81 60 years ago my nan and granddad eloped to Edinburgh to get married. We went back to visit register office. It’s closed now, but they still said ‘I do’ outside.

#82 I just wanted to share how proud I am of my parents. Today is their 50th anniversary.

#83 My grandparents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Here they are, age 15 in 1965 and now.

#85 The first day my grandparents met on the 15th April 1963, and their 50th anniversary, 15th April 2013, Margate.

#86 25 years of marriage. Picture on the left was taken for our engagement, on the right was our Christmas photo.

#87 My parents playing music together 45 years later.

#88 My grandparents on their first date in 1945 and their most recent date, 68 years later.

#89 63 years ago today, these two said “I do.” This is what true love looks like. Happy anniversary grandma and grandpa!

#91 My parents celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

#92 Then & now: My grandparents return to Italy on their anniversary.

#93 Then and now in front of the same church they got married.

#94 Ten years ago I ‘asked out’ a cute girl. Last week I asked her to be my wife. Crazy how fast time goes.

#95 Mr. Milton Esteves, 94, and Mrs. Elza Falcone Esteves, 91, celebrate 70 years of marriage in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

#97 My parents in the same spot they got married in 1980 and 2016.

#98 “We have both our prom pictures and our wedding pictures together. It’s kind of priceless.”

#100 Gramma and Grampa on May 30th, 1945, and again on May 30th, 2010. Gramma died at 90 two Novembers ago, Grampa is still going strong at 94. Married for 65 years.

#101 My parents were celebrating 28 years of marriage! For me, they are the perfect example of what love is all about…

#102 Couple celebrates 70th anniversary at Fentons Ice Cream Shop, one they went to since high school.

#103 My grandparents’ 60th anniversary full wedding party.

#105 My parents are adorable even after 37 years of marriage.

#106 13 years! I will not confirm or deny if superglue is involved.

#107 Today we celebrated my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. 90 years old, still in love, and married for over 60 years.

#108 My grand father and grand mother on their marriage ceremony and after 56 years on their 56th marriage anniversary.

#109 My grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! I’m so happy and proud!

#110 20 years together since 8th grade! Left – 8th-grade Valentines Banquet (1993). Right – trip to Yellowstone (2013).

#113 1965 newly married – 2017 long married! 52 years and still in love! Best decision I have ever made.

#114 Morgan and Maxine French 50th wedding anniversary.

#115 Married 65 years, today. They met and married shortly after the end of WWII and are still going strong into 2013.

#117 Met in 1983. Dated 4 years. Celebrated 30 years of marriage this past June.

#118 24 years have flown by – Senior prom 1991 vs. 20th-anniversary dinner 2015.

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