Incredibly Creative Birthmark Coverup Tattoos that Will Blow Your Mind

Birthmarks can be in various shapes, flat or raised, and they can be brown, black, blue, pink, purple or tan. Approximately 10 percent of babies have a birthmark. Birthmarks are usually harmless, and many of them disappear on their own or shrink over time. Birthmarks can sometimes be associated with other health problems. The cause of most birthmarks is unknown. They cannot be prevented by anything done or not done during pregnancy. Usually, they are not caused by trauma to the skin during childbirth. There may be a genetic component to certain types, but it has not been identified yet.

Many people take pride in their birthmarks because they enhance their individuality, but some birthmarks can be bothersome or uncomfortable. They are especially dangerous if they grow over time, are found on people’s faces, or are raised, like strawberry hemangiomas. Some people don’t give a damn about their birthmarks or their placements, but it’s a real problem of self-esteem for others. However, with their creative tattoo designs, tattoo artists helped people hide their unattractive markings and regain some much-needed confidence, proving that our imperfections – whether embellished with coverup tattoos – are what makes us truly beautiful. Tattoo artists covered birthmarks and incorporated them into tattoo designs, whether a basketball, a flower, or a map of an imaginary world! There is no end to the imagination when covering up tattoo ideas.

Check out some of the most incredible birthmark coverup tattoo ideas.

#1 The most meaningful tattoo i’ve ever done. Scar cover-up for this amazing woman.

#2 Check out this amazing before and after photo by our artist, gustavo

#6 I have no words to describe how much i was looking forward to doing this work and all that are to come

#7 Lily on a rock. Design is based on the client’s birthmark

#9 Covered up old self-harm scars with my first tattoo

#10 Sometimes it is enough to cleverly integrate a scar instead of covering it

#11 Very interesting custom project around a scar. I guess i could call it “scar upcycling”

#12 My nephew finally had his burning scars covered with a tattoo.

#14 This is a 40-year-old scar and we covered it with some cherry blossoms and butterflies

#15 Got to do this rad wine glass to work with a birthmark today

#26 Update on my tattoo that covers a bad nip, an old tattoo, and some top surgery scars

#27 After 6 years, many laser scar removal treatments, scar strips and so, i decided to get a tattoo over my scars and loving the result

#28 We continued a project that i really enjoyed and was excited to do.

#29 So my sister has wanted her birth mark covered for a while now and so she wanted this

#35 Scar cover-up. Really pleased with this delicate piece

#39 First session of a scar cover-up completed, still need to add cherry blossoms and background

#40 Something a bit different. Outlined a good friend’s of mine birthmark

#43 I had the opportunity to work on and especially with this pretty scar which served as a bench for monsieur le baron

#44 Within 1 hour a birthmark turns into a moustache. Oh my god, we had so much fun

#45 No scars are impossible, they just need the right solution

#48 Thanks to my client for coming in to get this floral scar distraction piece

#51 Highlighted her birthmark rather than covering entirely.

Highlighted her birthmark rather than covering entirely.

It’s so meaningful to me when clients tell me that my works give them confidence boosts. Love you all

#53 What do you do with an awkward scar? Add patrick tattoo

#56 Friends tattoo covering self-harm scar. 15 months sober stronger now. They were there for me.

#58 This is what i call an amazing idea. Done on the base of a natural body mark

#60 Got tattooed around some fresh scarring from a suicide attempt.

Got tattooed around some fresh scarring from a suicide attempt.

It's the burning bush from moses' story in exodus. It represents that, going forward, i will not be consumed

#61 On a large surgical scar on the arm i tattooed a rose dreamcatcher

#62 Got this tattoo to cover-up self-harm scars.

Got this tattoo to cover-up self-harm scars.

I started self-harming when i was in 6th grade all the way up until my sophomore in college. So far i’ve been 4 years self-harm free

#66 So, aurelie came to me to a flower tattoo on her wrist before. Today she came with a particular project about her scar

#67 Covering the scar after unsuccessful tattoo removal. One big session

#69 Stacie was so happy to get to do these tattoos for this client

#70 There are times when a tattoo can serve a useful function. For example, covering scars.

There are times when a tattoo can serve a useful function. For example, covering scars.

This is especially true for those with large scars that create aesthetic discomfort for the wearer

#71 Delicate work on the scar, very happy with the result, thanks to sandra for trusting me with this

#72 What to do with a mean-looking shoulder scar? Zip it up, zip it up

#74 Love your scars, they are the map of your life, the path traveled and the certainty that you are stronger than you thought

#76 There are two marks on our skin that are forever: scars and tattoos

#78 Got a cover-up tattoo for the scars on my right arm, i’m so happy with the result

#80 Got tired of seeing my ugly scar, so i covered it up

#81 Lil smiley tattoo i’ve made out of birthmarks 2 days ago

#82 Scar coverage. This work is part of my project: “covering scars”

#87 Just got this tattoo over some scars, thought y’all might appreciate it

#88 Finished up this piece for logan the other day! Thanks for your trust

#89 Just got a lightsaber tattoo to add to an old scar

#91 Here’s my new trans tattoo to go with my top surgery scars. I am in love

#93 Coverage of scars that happened on luciene, thank you for your trust

#97 Tiny reminder to smile today and enjoy life.

Tiny reminder to smile today and enjoy life.

Love it when people come with ideas that match so well with their unique bodies and birthmarks

#98 I engraved a lizard with a very long tongue to a customer who wants to become a grandfather with a funny wound in the future

#99 Guy transformed his birthmark into a map of an imaginary world by drawing around it with a pen

#101 Tattoo covering an extensive port wine stain birthmark

#104 Cookie birthmark just asked for cookie monster tattoo

#108 Hippo birthmark got a nice pond to drink from and some trees for shade

#118 Neutral milk hotel’s cover art for “in the aeroplane over the sea” turned into a tattoo

#122 A couple of carrots, one surrounding a carrot shaped birthmark

#127 Connected birthmarks forming a unique constellation

#130 Native hawaiian flowers flowing into the islands themselves. Islands formed from birthmarks

#136 Cover up that covers but also incorporates birthmark

#142 State of alabama tattooed around auburn city beauty mark

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